Club R2GS Europe - European SIEM User Community and international cyber security expert group

Today in the Cybersecurity field, the residual cyber-risk continuous assessment through incident detection and reaction remains very difficult in many situations and a genuine area of progress. At the same time, cooperation and exchange within the profession is still far from relevant. In this context, a significant step forward has recently been made by the European network of Club R2GS chapters, a community of trust whose goal is to share around innovative ETSI standards operational best practices, most efficient use cases, statistical figures and several hundred years of experience.

The Club R2GS Europe is the coordination entity of the various European chapters of the Club. The Club R2GS continues to bring together experts in the field to discuss, document and explain the increasingly successful whole Cyber defense and SIEM approach developed and promoted by this community among its members, which range from international companies to sensitive administrations to official security agencies; and it will demonstrate major works and results obtained, especially a full set of security indicators that play a key role to mobilize all stakeholders involved in companies' defense. The community is complementary to the the CERT/CSIRT activities and communities, aiming to join forces and expertise in the constant cyber security threat landscape.

Join the European club, by contacting Dit e-mailadres wordt beveiligd tegen spambots. JavaScript dient ingeschakeld te zijn om het te bekijken. or join one of the local chapters and meet your peers and partners.